The company's activities through 2015 have involved some work programs to advance exploration and contact with various parties regarding the potential of the Toodoggone given the publicized success of Aurico Metals at Kemess East.

As a result of claim acquisition by management at the Ranch claim group over the past several years, the land package assembled by the company has expanded to include all but the Metz mineral lease on the south east to the top of Albert's Hump in the north west basically down to the border with PPM Phoenix Precious Metals Corp.'s Lawyers mineral claim group.

As a result of cooperation between PPM and the company, the company was able to extent its mineral claim tenure over the whole of the Ranch mineral claims to at least 2023.  Your company shared PAC credits with PPM advancing its qualified claims and consequently, PPM accepted participation of an associated contractor which enabled the 2015 work program and created sufficient assessment work to advance all claims of PPM and your company out to 2023-2025.

The company's Dome mountain mineral claims were further explored in 2015.  The Dome mine looks to be permitted in January 2016, a significant time after anticipated permitting was anticipated.  Once operations commence at Dome mine the company's NSR will come into play providing the company with an ongoing revenue stream, subject to all the normal risk factors. 

Deer Horn Capital as it is now know did obtain a PEA indicating the potential for a viable mine at the exploration site.  No further work has been done there in the last couple of years.

The Zinc Bay mineral claims are in good standing and have geophysically identified targets awaiting further exploration. 

The company granted BCGold Inc. an extension to the options payments due under its agreement with the company for a further year to September 2016.